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Emerging India:

The SMS India Research Initiative, an idea that emerged with the 2008 SMS India Special Conference, convened by the late C.K. Prahalad, and co-chaired by Charles Dhanaraj and MB Sarkar, is proud to announce its next events aimed at faculty and advanced doctoral students.

The workshop aims to advance the research capability of new faculty and senior doctoral students by providing them with the opportunity to interact with distinguished scholars, and get feed-back on their research. We hope to attract scholars trained in related disciplines such as political science, economics, psychology, and sociology but interested in entrepreneurship research. While the specific idea is to help scholars improve the quality of their research, our hope is broader - to build research capacity in India and neighboring countries which will enable scholars here to publish in top-tier journals and thus participate in the global exchange of ideas. We also welcome papers from other parts of the world researching on entrepreneurship in emerging economies.

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